Circular economy town

How does a circular economy town work?


A town has been created in the world that works fully according to the principles of circular economy. Instead of owning goods, the town shares, leases and recycles them. The aim is to avoid loss and waste. The town residents value the environment and animals so their actions are based on a respect for nature. The food is local and vegetarian food. Wood and recyclable materials are favoured in building. Items that aren’t used anymore don’t end up as waste because new uses for them are come up with. The town may have various communal activities and companies that sell services instead of goods. Even the companies do not use natural resources without reason.


Discuss the solutions used in the town.


- How do the people in the town get to work, school, home, hobbies?

- Where do the town residents get their clothes and other goods?

- What do the town residents eat? How is the food produced and where do people get it?

- How do people live in the town?

- What kinds of companies are there in the town?

- What do people in the town do for a living?

- What electronics are used and what happens to the devices after use?


Do not limit your ideas to modern technology but use your imagination freely. Also, place yourselves in the town and think of what you would do there. You can be pupils, owners of a business, workers etc. The final product may be, for example, a picture, a video, 3D, a story or a miniature model built by yourselves. You may choose the method freely. Finally, think of a name for the town.