What is being asked?

Instructions for the Teacher

When organizing the quiz, one person needs to manage the PowerPoint presentation or read the answers out loud. In addition, one person must be a referee. If the questions are given by raising your hand, the referee will allow whoever raises their hand first to speak. If this person asks the wrong question, the referee will allow the next person to raise their hand to speak.

Another option is to provide the questions by sending each question to the board from the pupils’ own devices via e.g. Padlet (https://fi.padlet.com). The referee will monitor whose question appears first on the board. Since the board serves as the platform for questions, the organizer of the quiz only has to read the answers. The quiz can also be carried out in the form of groupwork.

More detailed instructions for pupils are given in the PowerPoint presentation. The assignment is suitable for groups who have already mastered the basics of circular economy.

You can download the quiz here.