Simon the Show-off

The Great Realization of Simon the Show-off

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The Great Realization of Simon the Show-off

May I introduce 23-year-old Simon the Show-off? Simon lives a luxurious life of conspicuous consumption. He always uses his fuel-thirsty cross-country car to drive short distances to work, hobbies and errands. He is a true gourmand who is always looking for new dishes to taste. Exotic meat dishes are one of his biggest cravings. He always carries the ingredients for foods home from the shop in plastic bags, because there is no room for an extra tote bag in his stylish snakeskin bag. Much of the food is thrown away, because not all new flavours are to Simon’s taste. He does not collect biowaste separately, because he thinks that it quickly starts to smell in the kitchen. Besides, he thinks that the waste of one person does not really matter.

Simon buys clothes impulsively from cheap clothing stores, because he quickly gets bored of wearing the same shirts and trousers. Anyway, there is a shopping centre conveniently near his home where he can get more clothes whenever he wants. Simon also replaces his phone and other devices with newer models often, because he wants to be a trendsetter in technology.

Travelling to faraway countries is Simon’s favourite hobby. He especially likes diving. However, on one of his dives, he finds a mountain of plastic waste that has ruined a coral reef. It is also exceptionally hot at the holiday destination, because climate change has increased the temperature. In the local television, Simon sees a news story about the avocado business being in the hands of criminals. Avocados are some of his favourites. None of the locals eat them, because all of the avocados are freighted to Western countries. In addition, there are poor locals in the streets who are trying to sell pretty much the kinds of clothes that Simon has tossed into clothes collection after just a few months of using them. Simon begins to think about his own choices. He realizes something.


Draw a comic strip of Simon’s story where you first briefly describe Simon’s earlier conspicuous consumption in his everyday life and free time. But focus more on how Simon’s life changes after the diving trip. In the comic strip, include the concepts car pool, sorting, electric car, climate, future, pulled oats, technology and local food.